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Reasons to Improve Your Business Income through Online Marketing | Online SEO Web Service


In today’s economy, it’s simply not enough to pay for radio spots or put money into newspaper ads for your business. Paying to have your information put into the Yellow Pages is a practice that is becoming obsolete as well. Thanks to the innovative technologies of the Internet, it’s your online marketing practices that will have the most impact when it comes to your net income each month.

USB Condom: charge your devices without allowing sneaky data-transfers



Those public USB charging points are tempting, but could be used to propagate all kind of grotesque malware (imagine what happens when your phone’s camera, mic, storage, keyboard and GPS start leaking your data to voyeurs and identity thieves) — sure, you can always buy a charge-only cable, but these crowdfunded adapters turn any cable into a power-only source.

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Mobile devices get green light for use on Qantas and Virgin flights

Qantas and Virgin customers will be able to use their mobile phones on domestic and international flights from today.

Until now passengers had to turn phones and other mobile devices off because it was considered a safety risk.

Qantas and Virgin applied for approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to change that rule and it has been granted.

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